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Renée Green

Cinematic Migrations

Artists' Research Laboratory (XXII CSAV)
1–23 July 2016

"Desire for cinema perhaps existed before its creation. Questions regarding this speculation and the variety of ways this longing has been addressed in the past and present form the basis of inquiry in this workshop. Cinema can now be thought in the present as the umbrella term used for the variety of moving image and time-based forms that currently circulate and which have intersecting, yet specific, histories of emergence. As the celluloid matter of film becomes more distant and as digital forms increase, cinema in its expanded sense is becoming further realized.

Cinematic Migrations will be a multi-faceted look at the role of cinema's transmutations over time and its worldwide and circuitous shift, which include the integrations of its form into online video and television, spatial installations, performance and dance, as well as its appearance in many formats and portable devices."
(Renée Green)

Annie Ratti
Lorenzo Benedetti
Anna Castelli

Invited artist

Renée Green (b. 1959, Cleveland, Ohio) lives and works in New York and San Francisco. She is an artist, writer, and filmmaker known for her highly layered multimedia installations. Green works with a variety of media - including sculpture, photography, film and sound - creating a body of work which explore perceptions of time and what survives in public and private memory. At the core of her concerns are the place of the individual in history and the question of identity. She creates complex installations, often participative, composed of drawings, photographs, texts, videos and both personal and historic archives always related to the present.

Green's exhibitions, videos and films have been see throughout the world in museums and art institutions: the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The New Museum, New York; Musée cantonal des Beaux Arts, Lausanne; Portikus, Frankfurt; Centro Cultural de Bélem, Lisbon; Vienna Secession; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Museum Ludwig, Cologne; MACBA, Barcelona; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; International Center of Photography, New York & Louisiana Museum of Art, Copenhagen. Her work has also been present at the Venice Biennale, Berlin Biennale, Documenta 11 and Manifesta 7.

Her most recent publications include: Pacing (2021), Other Planes of There: Selected Writings (2014), Endless Dreams and Time-Based Streams (2010) and Ongoing Becomings (2009). She is also the editor of the collection of essays Negotiations in the Contact Zone (2003) and Professor at the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, School of Architecture & Planning.

Participant artists

Bogdán Ablozhnyy
Maria Cruz Alarcon Lopez
Sebastião Borges Figueiredo Ascenso Pires
Antonia Brown
Elliot Chaplin
Ruann Coleman
Jake Davidson
Caterina De Nicola
Antonio Della Guardia
Vilje Kern Vestenfor
Lap-See Lam
Rafael Medeiros
Ryts Monet
Maia Nichols
Mirka Sulander
Matti Sumari
Luca Vanello


Renée Green


15 July–10 September 2016

Corso Aperto

20 July 2016


Renée Green

Other Planes of There

7 July 2016

Renée Green

Endless Dreams and Water Between

7 July 2016

Kobena Mercer

The Image in Migration

21 July 2016

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