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Susan Hiller

The Dream Seminar II

Artists' Research Laboratory (XVII CSAV)
28 June–26 July 2011

"This will be modeled on a project of mine from the early 1970s, and is subtitled 'an investigation into the source of images and ideas.' Participants will be asked to keep dream notebooks and to read several texts which approach the dream from a variety of unusual perspectives. They will be expected to participate in intensive group workshops focusing on individual dreams. There will be occasional lectures discussing, analyzing and illustrating the relationship between dreams and image making in diverse societies around the world. A collective work or proposal for a work may emerge from these experiences."
(Susan Hiller)

Annie Ratti
Andrea Lissoni
Cesare Pietroiusti
Angela Maderna

Invited artist

Susan Hiller (b. 1940 Tallahassee, Florida - 2019 London) has lived and worked in Britain since the early 1970s, when she became known for her innovative artistic practice excavating the overlooked or ignored aspects of our culture. She adopted and combined media in radical ways and became an important influence on a younger generations of artists. Hiller cites Minimalism, Fluxus, aspects of Surrealism, anthropology and feminism as influences on her unique practice. She juxtaposes knowledge derived from anthropology, psychoanalysis and other scientific disciplines with materials generally considered unimportant, like postcards, wallpaper, popular movies and stories of UFO sightings, balancing the familiar and the unexplained and inviting the viewer to participate in the creation of meaning.

Solo exhibitions of her work were held in important institutions such as: Tate Britain, London; Castello di Rivoli, Turin; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Joy Art Gallery, Beijing; Kunsthalle, Basle; Kunst-Raum des Deutschen Bundestages, Berlin; Museu Serralves, Porto and Fondacion Mendoza, Caracas. Her talks and interviews have been collected in two books: The Provisional Texture of Reality (2008) and Thinking about Art: Conversations with Susan Hiller (1996).

Participant artists

Eva Barto
Lindsay Benedict
Emma Buswell
Nayari Castillo
Jagna Ciuchta
Matthew Coombes
Gerard Cuartero
Dario D’Aronco
Roberto De Pol
Stefan Eichhorn
Elif Erkan
Maria Elena Fantoni
Roberto Fassone
Sarah Fuller
Giovanni Giaretta
Carolin Koss
R. Lyon
Marta Roberti
Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti
Iacopo Seri


Susan Hiller

solo exhibition

15 July–8 September 2011

Corso Aperto

2–22 July 2011


Jan Verwoert

Journeys Into the Zone of Sentience

4 July 2011

Susan Hiller

The Provisional Texture of Reality

14 July 2011

Alexei Penzin

Sleep and Subjectivity in Capitalist Modernity

21 July 2011


The Dream and the Word
Susan Hiller


Wolves and Peasants 38% Notes 38% No Title 19% Dreamers 4%


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