Collecting Textiles. Patrons Collections Museums


The publication contains the Collecting Textile conference proceedings, a symposium dedicated to textile collection theme organised by Fondazione Antonio Ratti for the 10th anniversary of the decease of Antonio Ratti (2002 - 2012).

The issuance addresses the contribution from Francini Chiara, Thomas P. Campbell, Annette Paetz gen. Schieck, Aurélie Samuel, Maria Paola Ruffino, Seth Siegelaub, Angela Völker, Filippo Guarini, Eulàlia Morral i Romeu, Jaqueline Jacqué, Magdalena Droste and Sonnet Stanfill, analysing during the seminar the textile collector’s role, the birth and identity of specialised textile museums and the challenges involved in its display.

Editor: Margherita Rosina
Publisher: Allemandi & C., Turin
2013, Eng., 197 pages, colors