Fly in the soup


Fly in the soup reflects upon a series of issues tied to physical and political body awareness that has been the core subject of the 21st CSAV – Artists Research Laboratory. The workshop Materials for Performance was led by Yvonne Rainer and Andrea Kleine during July 2015 at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, Italy. The book collects notes, lines, fragments, ideas, reflections, texts, and images gathered and selected by Alexis Blake, Amol Patil, Andrea Kleine, Annie Ratti, Barbara Boiocchi, Cassandra Guan, Clara J:son Borg, Devos Klaas, Eduardo Cachucho, Emanuela De Cecco, Emma La Morte, Eshan Rafi, Giovanni Paolo Fedele, Harold Batista, Luna Paese, Luzie Meyer, Mikaela Boxström, Paulien Oltheten, Przemek Kaminski, and Yvonne Rainer.

Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Milan
2015, Eng., 80 pages, black and white