Give and Take


Publication realised by the 19 artists that in July 2010, participated in the 16th CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory led by Hans Haacke: Julia Brown, Antonia Carrara, Danilo Correale, Abbey Dubin, Laura Duran, Birte Endrejat, Fausto Falchi, Till Gathmann, Adelita Husni-Bey, Kentaro Ikegami, François Lemieux, Eric Martijn, Ludovic Mehaute, Emily Morant, Elaine Marianne Reynolds, Fabrizio Sartori, Walter Benjamin Smith, Elisa Strinna, Oriol Vilanova.

The workshop dealt with the concept of “site specificity” and of “significance” of a particular object, image, practice or action. The publication stands also as a documentation of the end-of-course exhibition, and is the result of collective discussions, individual reflections, sedimentation of thoughts and inputs that developed during the course.

The publications in two volumes reflect the different constellations that the participants built during the three weeks workshop: one focused more on the theoretical issues and the other devoted to “actions”.

Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Milan
2010, Eng., black and white