How to Begin


For the entire duration of the 24th edition of the CSAV - Artists’ Research Laboratory the participating artists (Yusef Audeh, Joe Brown, Paula Buskevica, Vincent Ceraudo, Omar Chowdhury, Inga Danysz, Lisa Trogen Devgun, Gustavo Gomez Brechtel, Nicolas Gullotta, Zishi Han, Petra Hjartardà³ttir, Mourad Kouri, Vibeke Mascini, Anna Meschiari, Rebecca Moccia, Fathia Mohidin, Simon S. Belleau, Andrea Zucchini) worked closely with visiting professor Christina Mackie, Gregorio Magnani Annie Ratti at Sant’Elia Kindergarden, a building designed by Giuseppe Terragni in 1937.

Starting from these daily encounters takes shape How to Begin, a publication consisting of the interventions of all the participants, in an attempt to answer the question, apparently simple, proposed in the title.

Editor: Gregorio Magnani
Designer: Daly and Lyon
Publisher: Compagnia, London
2019, Eng., 116 pages, black and white