Textile as Art: Antonio Ratti entrepreneur and patron


The publication proposed for the exhibition at Palazzo Te, combines textile images from FAR’s collection, documents, historical photographs and contemporary textile patterns, along with two new contributions and an anthological section with texts regarding the collection and the artists who collaborated with the Foundation.

The book’s cover was costume-made in silk and cotton satin produced for the occasion by Ratti S.p.A.. The graphic design was completed by Luc Deryck e Esther Le Roy. It pays particular attention to the publication details: The Japanese handmade binding of the cover. The shades of the fabric make each copy unique.

Editor: Lorenzo Benedetti
Designers: Studio Luc Derycke & Esther Le Roy
Publisher: MER Paperkunsthalle, Ghent
2017, Ed. Ita. and Ed. Eng., 272 pag., colors

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