From 1 to 23 July 2022, Fondazione Antonio Ratti held its 26th CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory in Como, Italy. Quoting the visiting professor John Knight, the fifteen young artists from all over the world were given "the time, space, and the luxury to engage in an open ended exchange of ideas about structures of production. And, what nascent possibilities might be available for consideration as replacements for some of the tired models of aestethic production that rationalizes our present conundrum."

With contribution by: Annie Albagli, Lorenzo Benedetti, Wim De Pauw, Timo Demollin, Raphael Fleuriet, Simon Glaser, Mania Godarzani-Bakhtiari, Kamron Hazel, John Knight, Gregorio Magnani, Nico Müller, Tim Neutel, Annie Ratti, Pedram Sazesh, Kristina Sdlerova-Villanen, Anamika Singh, Anna M. Szaflarski, Aaron Tan, Zhang Jajia

: Gregorio Magnani
Designer: Wolfe Hall
2023, Eng., 106 pag., black and white