Public Improvisation


The publication result of the work from various participant artists in the 14th CSAV-Artist Research Laboratory hosted by Yona Friedman (Knowless Eddy Knowless, Brida, Einat Amir, Elena Bajo, Elia Cantori, Ludovica Carbotta, Davide Cascio, Oppy De Bernardo, Giovanni De Lazzari, Andrea Dojmi, Mark Durkan, Audrey Lam, Marco Lampis, Gabriel Martinez, Margherita Moscardini Marlie Mul, Massimiliano Nazzi, Treasa O'Brien, Alessandro Quaranta, Linda Quinlan, Therese Sunngren, Ciro Vitale, George Wuarburton), adopts the shape of a journal, a newspaper that records the final course exhibition which addressed two themes chosen by the visiting professors: public space and improvisation.

Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Milan
2008, Ita./Eng., colors