The Dream and the Word
Susan Hiller


Composed of a collage of notes, diagrams, photographs, newspaper clippings, reflections and drawings, The Dream and the Word stems from the many researches of Susan Hiller on the relationship between dreams, narratives and images.

The publication is conceived as a collective artwork analysing the concepts of Hypnagogia, Astral Projections, Oneiric Yoga, Dream Journals, Oneiric Telepathy and Lucid Dreams through the words and thoughts of theorists as Louis Alfred Maury, Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Fritz Perls, Montague Ullmna and Sanley Krippner.

The book shutters with a text by Susan Hiller dedicated to the relation between her own artistic career, the oneiric world and the mutable structure of our conscious reality.

Editor: Duncan McCorquodale
Designers: Susan Hiller and Rachel Pfleger
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing Limited, London
2012 Eng., 78 pages, colors