Wolves and Peasants 38% Notes 38% No Title 19% Dreamers 4%


Published for the 17th edition CSAV - Artists’ Research Laboratory, the catalogue Wolves and Peasants 38% Notes 38% No Title 19% Dreamers 4% contains contributions by the visiting professor for the course in 2011 Susan Hiller, Annie Ratti, the course curators Andrea Lissoni and Cesare Pietroiusti, Angela Maderna and all the participating artists (Eva Barto, Lindsay Benedict, Emma Buswell, Nayari Castillo, Jagna Ciuchta, Matthew Coombes, Gerard Cuartero, Dario D’Aronco, Roberto De Pol, Stefan Eichhorn, Elif Erkan, Maria Elena Fantoni, Roberto Fassone, Sarah Fuller, Giovanni Giaretta, Carolin Koss, R. Lyon, Marta Roberti, Johanna Sophie Santos Bassetti, Iacopo Seri).

Based on a four weeks site-work at Como in July, the publication is like a notebook—the same one distributed by Susan Hiller to all the people involved in the course, a place in which to systematically record their dreams—where the collective nature of the choices and dialogue that have given form to the catalogue coexists with the individual expression and autonomy of each participating artist.

Publisher: Mousse Publishing, Milan
2011, Eng., 104 pages, colors