Fondazione Antonio Ratti

John Armleder

Artists' Research Laboratory (II CSAV)

4–25 July 1996

"What kind of an event is it, how could it be characterized, when all the components are somewhat strangers, but yet similar? Of course, it's summer for all, the summer of 1996 for most. Moist skies, romantic lake shores, gelati and tramezzinos, the printed silks and the empty church workshop with haunting echoes, all this figures a landing landscape for a non-team to exchange views of untranslatable experiences."
(John Armleder)

Annie Ratti
Giacinto di Pietrantonio
Angela Vettese
Giacinto di Pietrantonio
Angela Vettese
Anna Daneri
Emilia Terragni

Invited artist

John Armleder (b. 1948, Geneva, Switzerland) lives and works between Geneva and New York. Performance artist, sculptor, and painter Armleder draws from what he calls a "supermarket of forms". His art can take on attributes of Suprematist painting, Minimalist sculpture or Dada readymades. Co-founder of the Ecart Group (1969) and closely affiliated with the Fluxus movement, Armleder was also associated with Neo-Geo (short for Neo Geometric Conceptualism) in the 1980s. He gained international recognition with his Furniture Sculpture series from 1979, bringing together iconic examples of design and paintings to reflect on the trivialization of the artwork as an ornamental accessory.

After the first solo shows in major European institutions – Kunstmuseum Basel (1980); Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (1984) and Musée d’art et d’histoire, Ginevra (1986) – in 1986 John Armleder takes part at the Venice Biennial (Swiss pavilion). The following solo shows include: Nationalgalerie Berlin and Kunstverein Düsseldorf (1987); Wiener Secession, Vienna (1993); Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden (1998); MoMA, New York (2000); ICA, Philadelphia (2004); Tate Liverpool (2007); Palais de Tokyo, Paris and Away at Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice (2011). In 2016 he creates the project for the multimedia facade of Museion in Bolzano.

Participant artists

Elizabeth Aro
Ignazio Bettua
Luca Bianco
Fabrice Cousin
Emilia Dissette
Michaela Drenhaus
Carsten Eggers
Anna Epis
Ivana Falconi
Francois Kohler
Luisa Lambri
Elsa Lopez
Anyun Lu
Serenella Luparelli
Laura Matei
Eleonora Milesi
Mario Milizia
Isidora Nikolich
Marta Pòcza
Denis Pernet
Paola Pivi
Cristina Poretti
Susanna Scarpa
Adrian Nikolaus Schiesser
Lorenzo Silvan
Andrea Sperni
Michela Veneziano
Susanne Wehmer


A Month on the Lake

27 July–26 August 1996


John Armleder

Out of print

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