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Hamish Fulton

Today, Yesterday, or Tomorrow?

Artists' Research Laboratory (IV CSAV)
2–23 July 1998

"As a shared experience on its own right
and as a basis for art-making
the group will walk up and down a nearby hill
from and to lake level.
once a day for 14 consecutive days.

CHANGING PERCEPTIONS - eventual familiarity
allows a shift of attention.

Commitment to building an experience. Before and after.
An idea develops into a reality.
Changing position of the sun. Changing altitude.

Like a flowing river,
the days cannot be repeated
but the route remains the same.

Accumulation and transition. The dimension of movement.
Time on the hill - not in the studio.

As the starting place on the first day is the ending place on the fourteenth day
no directional progress can be achieved.
The journey, therefore, will take place
in the mind (and body) of the individual.

Just take it one day at a time
walking at your own pace".

(Hamish Fulton)

Annie Ratti
Giacinto di Pietrantonio
Angela Vettese
Anna Daneri

Invited artist

Hamish Fulton (b. 1946, London) lives and works in Canterbury. He is an English walking artist and one of the most interesting figures of the innovative English art of the late 1960s, which included artists such as Gilbert & George and Richard Long, with whom he worked and traveled extensively. Since the late 1960s, Fulton has developed an extremely personal form of art: the walk, synthesizing the various directions that art was taking at the time (performance art, conceptual art, poor art, land art, body art). Fulton decided to only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks. In particular, he travelled on foot and explored extensively the English countryside. Although only Fulton experiences the walk itself, the texts and photographs he presents in exhibitions and books allow us to engage with his experience. The role of the artist is that of filtering the personal experiences and emotions, giving back to the viewer a synthetic and poetic report.

Fulton has shown his work in numerous prestigious institutions worldwide: Kunstmuseum, Basel (1977); MOMA, New York (1978); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1981); Stedelijk van Abbenmuseum of Eindhoven (1985); IVAM Valencia (1992); Museum of Modern Art in Wakayama (1996); Tate Britain, London (2002); Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2016) and Bombas Gens, Valencia (2018).

Participant artists

Sara Andreini
Carolina Antich
Michela Balmelli
Michele Bellomo
Barbara Chwalibog
Paolo Code
Lara Favaretto
Peter HepsØ
Hyea-Yeong Jeon
Mona Kher
Commie Kuanlai Leng
Uk-Sun Lee
Bernadeta Levulyte
Mariolina Lorettu
Claudia Losi
Maria Carla Mattii
Vera Morra
Daniela Morreale
Anila Rubiku
Emmanuelle Samson
Michael Setek
Charlotte Von Poehl
Woong Jong Yoo
Qi Kai Zhang


Hamish Fulton

Pilgrims Threads

24 July–6 September 1998

Workshop Exhibition

24 July–6 September 1998


Hamish Fulton


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