Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Hamish Fulton

Pilgrims Threads

24 July–6 September 1998
San Pietro In Atrio

In his work for the exhibition, Hamish Fulton represented the mountain they hiked during the workshop: a sculpture made by a pile of second-hand bricks that he threw one on top of the other. On this pile, the artist signed many paths, corresponding to the number of students, with various coloured ribbons: not only one intertwining along a common path but twenty-five different paths. Rather than representing what had happened in the workshop, it was an interpretation of every individual experience, each one of which extremely singular and irreducible to those of the others. The exhibition was characterized by an installation only formed by contrasting materials, these were layered as the various decoration of the church. The project was developed especially for the space of this small church where history left its traces. Fulton's exhibition constituted an interesting part of the course as the participants contributed to the installment. It was also a rare opportunity for the Italian audience to learn about the artist's work.

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