Fondazione Antonio Ratti

The Park

The park of Villa Sucota – where Fondazione Antonio Ratti is located – is part of the Kilometer of Knowledge, a project that gives life to a green path overlooking the lake linking the properties of three historic villas: Villa Olmo, Villa del Grumello and Villa Sucota. The initiative was created with the aim of preserving and enhancing one of the most extraordinary landscapes in terms of its historical and cultural context.

Villa Sucota is open to the public on Sunday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (more info here) and is enriched by a program of activities and workshops. It distinguishes itself by its artistic itinerary, where the project of the foundation gradually expanded to include site-specific installations scattered around the villa’s park. There are permanent and temporary artworks by artists who have collaborated with FAR over the years and contributed to the foundation’s vision for the integration of art, architecture and land. Among these there are interventions by internationally renowned artists, using conceptual forms of art to investigate the relation of the object to space, carefully merging their works with the surrounding environment.

The sculpture park is a work in progress in which the artists are engaging with the nature, the history and the architecture of the site. The impressive landscape of Como and the distinctive setting of Fondazione Antonio Ratti creates an environment ripe for artistic experimentation, stimulating artists to produce works in response to its history and unique heritage. The foundation proudly supports the vision of its founder, opening up new possibilities for the location of artworks and promoting initiatives in the field of contemporary art, thus becoming an important reference point for young artists and the international cultural scene.

Part of the restoration of the park was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation.

Map of the park and accessible path

Please find below a description of the works currently present in the park.

Artworks in the Park – Our Permanent Collection

Gerry Bibby
London Brown II (+4475069767627); Glasgow Green (got ‘ny change)

Jimmie Durham
Stones Rejected by the Builder

Matt Mullican
Mullican’s Bridge: between Subject and Elements

Richard Nonas
Bones – the western shore (Mappa Mundi 3)

Liliana Moro
Cincia Mora

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