Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Jimmie Durham

Stones Rejected by the Builder

Park of Villa Sucota

Blending poetry and humor, Durham often makes sculptures out of materials that he finds and collects. In many of his works, man-made objects interact with natural elements – such as stones and boulders – which for the artist possess a symbolic value. In Stones Rejected by the Builder, an ironic and anti-functional tube avoids a large stone placed on the ground in order to “connect” the lawn to the building, reflecting on man’s needs in contrast with the limits imposed by nature. For the artist the stone represents the ultimate expression of sculptural form, as it is a continually evolving entropic element, a static object that is potentially active and somewhat epitomizes the miracle of nature. This subtle installation, injected with ironic humor, was made in response to the surrounding territory and coexists effortlessly with its environment.

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