Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Matt Mullican

Mullican’s Bridge: between Subject and Elements

Park of Villa Sucota

Watch Matt Mullican's talking about his permanent installation Mullican’s Bridge: between Subject and Elements on Vimeo

Mullican’s work is a site-specific installation incorporated within the pavement of the bridge connecting two sides of the park. The weight of the metal sinks into the gravel and creates an artwork visible and invisible, which invites the visitors to walk on it without any obstruction. Placed in a transient space, this seamless intervention investigates the relationship between the work and the spectator and its connection with the space. The bridge represents one of the artist’ recurring themes: the principle of dissociation between the subject and the object, interpreted through his recognizable series of emblematic charts. This particular chart is an ongoing design conceived by the artist in 1981, it portrays at both ends stylized geometrical shapes representing the subject and the object. Mullican explores the difference between the objective dimension – the representation of reality – and fiction, trying to demonstrate the subjective nature of all existence.

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