Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Gerry Bibby

London Brown II (+4475069767627); Glasgow Green (got ‘ny change)

Park of Villa Sucota

These unusual benches are the result of intricate connections and associations between tangible and intangible assets. They carry with them the memory of a previous use, since they seem to have been pulled from somewhere, and their concrete base displays encrusted oysters shells, reminiscences of some unspecific coast. Bibby considers that a sculpture can be borrowed from any of the components or forms of real things and he combines it with a very unique vision of building installation. His works are infused with textual elements, his titles carry cultural and socio-political references coming from personal or borrowed texts. These sculptures fluctuate between the idea of object and place, raising questions about how one experiences the space, particularly what is public and what is private.

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