Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Workshop Exhibition

24 July–6 September 1998
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

The students exhibited their works in an exhibition titled Workshop Exhibition held at the Ex church of San Francesco from 24th July till 6th September. The title was chosen by Hamish Fulton as an indication of the will to create a show, which directly reflects the workshop's activities and specificity. After fourteen days of hiking Brunate, participants translated this experience into works, using whichever means they preferred. The works dialogued with a series of drawings made by Fulton. There was a confrontation between the pupils and the teacher, new to the previous editions. The end of the course exhibition was an opportunity for the students to confront their work with those of the other students coming from different cultural backgrounds.

The participant artists were: Sara Andreini (Italy), Carolina Antich (Argentina), Michela Balmelli (Switzerland), Michele Bellomo (Italy), Barbara Chwalibog (Poland), Paolo Code (Italy), Lara Favaretto (Italy), Peter HepsØ (Norway), Hyea-Yeong Jeon (South Korea), Mona Kher (UK), Commie Kuanlai Leng (Singapore), Uk-Sun Lee (South Korea), Bernadeta Levulyte (Lithuania), Mariolina Lorettu (Italy), Claudia Losi (Italy), Maria Carla Mattii (Italy), Vera Morra (Italy), Daniela Morreale (Italy), Anila Rubiku (Albania), Emmanuelle Samson (France), Michael Setek (UK), Charlotte Von Poehl (Sweden), Woong Jong Yoo (South Korea), Qi Kai Zhang (China).

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