Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Marina Abramović

Energy Clothes

22 July–9 September 2001
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

The energy was the theme developed by Marina Abramović for the works presented in the exhibition and the unpublished performance, conceived for the occasion, entitled The Energy Clothes.

Visitors were invited to wear prostheses, from head to waist, designed to collect and strengthen the energy fields around and within the person. The Energy Clothes were built to activate some energy points of the body (head, eyes, heart, solar plexus, spine) by means of circular magnets based on the shape of the cone, which, since the times of medieval witches, carries within itself the purpose of intensifying strength, perception, and the ability to change the world. Such prostheses, including a hat over a meter high, were made with silks in bright colors: purple, lilac, dark pink, pale pink, green, blue, red, yellow. The colors were also chosen by the artist as conductors of light and psychological energy. The operation represented another chapter of the work that, for years, Abramović had been carrying out through performances and public interventions around vitality and the ways to enhance it.

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