Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Federico Campagna, Cristina Morini, Liliana Moro

The dimension of Exodus. Ethics of desertion II

11 May 2023
Ordet - via Adige, 17 Milano

“The dimension of the exodus. Ethics of desertion II” is the second round table organized by Fondazione Antonio Ratti and Ordet. With: Federico Campagna (philosopher), Cristina Morini (social researcher and philosopher) and Liliana Moro (artist). Moderated by Annie Ratti (artist)

(This event will be held in Italian) The exodus, the oldest form of struggle against Power since the Old Testament, is the background to the multiplicity of social mobilizations of the present time. In the imperialist wars for territorial hegemony, in the great resignations from work, in the search for energy alternatives to the extractivist destruction of the Earth, in the gender wars on violence against the female body, a semantic exodus is underway, a process of resignification of our being in the world that takes shape in desertion. Exodus as a revolution, an active escape from working models, such as “being unfaithful” and inhabiting the world as “foreigners in a foreign land.” As in the revolutionary struggle of Iranian women, as in the great social mobilizations in France, as in the migratory movements fleeing wars and climatic catastrophes, nothing seems to stop the search for new promised lands. The desertions of this long present carry within themselves the gesture of a radical revolt of the reasons for our existence. Of life, not of war.

The roundtable will be streamed on youtube

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