Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Musica nel parco / Poesia sull'acqua

8 October 2022
FAR - Villa Sucota

On the occasion of the XVIII edition of Giornata del Contemporaneo organized by AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani, Fondazione Antonio Ratti opens the park of Villa Sucota to the public in a day dedicated to art, music and poetry, extending the duration of the exhibition of John Knight Considered Agreement and with the event Musica nel parco / Poesia sull'acqua.

The initiative will involve museums, foundations, public and private institutions, galleries, artists' studios and artists' run spaces over the whole national territory, with the purpose of showing the renewed vitality of art in Italy after two years of restrictions due to the pandemic.

The soundscape generated by the poems of Demetrio Marra and Dimitri Milleri and by the instrumental improvisation of the collective Conserere will spread over the spaces of the parc of Villa Sucota, part of the Chilometro della Conoscenza.

Within the park the two young poets will give a voice to their generation, summoning its issues, desires and frustrations. Evocating the city exodus and the hometown, visions that overlap everyday life and the mundaneness of existence, Marra and Milleri will offer an insight into contemporaneity and the new manners of doing poetry. The collective Conserere will instead fit into the landscape with widespread sound improvisations, in a spirit of openness towards the space and the people and of immediate reaction.

The encounter of the poets and the collective will give the chance to appreciate the lyrical imagery of two young authors and the receptive capabilities of the musicians, that will modulate their intervention by listening to the ambient and responding to impromptu stimula. An extensive sensitive experience will be so articulate: an event that bonds creative and communitarian practices to fully appreciate the park in its social and transformative potentialities.

Demetrio Marra (Reggio Calabria, 1995) published Riproduzioni in scala (2019) with Interno Poesia. He founded and leads the magazine of critic and poetical writing, art and translation lay0ut magazine, and he is the vice-director of the cinema and show review Birdmen Magazine.

Dimitri Milleri (Bibbiena, 1995) graduated in Guitar at the Conservatory A Pedrollo of Vicenza in 2022, he published the poetry book Sistemi (Interno Poesia, 2020), wrote articles for some online magazines (Treccani, Triennale, Nuovi Argomenti, and collaborated with composers Andrea Gerratana and Riccardo Perugini. He co-leads lay0ut magazine with Demetrio Marra.

Conserere is a music improvisation collective set up in Milan i 2016. Its purpose is to create a network of knowledge and support which sees improvised music as a practice of listening, innovation and adaptation. In a spirit of vivification and experimentation, they organize several workshops and laboratories open to the public.

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