Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Navigando tra le sete

12 April–30 July 2000
FAR – Lungo Lario Trento

To navigate means to "travel on a boat" and Europeans, starting in the XVI Century, traveled the world to look for products and ideas to bring them back to their countries of origin. Meanwhile, to navigate also means to "search through electronic means" and to find, as rapidly as it takes for a finger to click on a mouse, the answers to the most diverse questions and trivia.

The fil rouge to the exhibition, which displayed vests in addition to ancient fabrics, was two-sided and played with the two meanings of ”to navigate". On one hand, the initiative researched the strong link of European textile art with its counterpart in the East, the result of navigating through the sea. On the other hand, it enabled an easy browse and research through the MuST multimedia catalogue by "navigating" in the sea of information.

The exhibition unwound through ten types of "research" that developed along the process of free association: one started with "ship" woven on a cashmere shawl and that had an outstanding composition pattern, defined a disposition; the reference then moved to "a disposition pattern", and so on, from one topic to the next.
This introduced the visitors to Japanese-style objects from the second half of the XIX century, as well as to XVIII and XX century chinoiseries.

Exhibition curated by Chiara Buss
Project set up by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

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