Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Ibon Aranberri

XXVIII CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory | Microclima Variabile

1–26 July 2024
FAR - Villa Sucota

Microclima Variabile

A local set of atmospheric conditions differs from those in the surrounding areas, which implies spatial and temporal variation of the mean values. A microclimate can also be a metaphor, a parameter to create inner circumstances, in which we can operate, an anomaly connected to and disconnected from its exterior.

Suspending the classic definition of a place, Como could be imagined as a dispositive, a territory that keeps modifying itself. A place where conditions such as scale, presence, and absence could be resignified, into narratives traced in relation to the urgencies of our time.

Communication and transportation fluidity is increasingly accelerated. This happens parallel to zones of exclusion where networks are disrupted, and life suppressed. In this inertia, artistic approaches have been processed as globalized images, absolved from the context in which they were born. Simultaneously, many of the logics that constituted the forms we received have changed.

Displacing innovation attempts, variable models and exercises can be adopted, resorting to the recognizable repertory of accessible sources. For instance, we can take an existing database or archive, and articulate a prospect, by extending the related spaces and temporalities beyond their conventional status. Throughout the course we can organize materials and bodies, speculating, practicing, and experiencing mixed iterations to learn collectively.

Annie Ratti
Associate Director
Lorenzo Benedetti

Invited Artist
Ibon Aranberri

Participant Artists
Maddie Alexander
Siew Ching Ang
Anastasiia Batishcheva
Edoardo Bonacina
Lucas de Montalembert
Elliot Jeffries
Lorenzo Schetter Li Greci
Maria Lindeblad
Nellie Lindquist
Yon Matauko
Giacomo Segantin
Alyona Shapovalova
Vanda Skácalová
Anabela Veloso
Ken Wenrui Zhao

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