Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Yona Friedman Museum II - Yona Friedman Museum

15–18 April 2015
FAR – Villa Sucota

The second event of the Yona Friedman Museum II involved students of the third year of the Industrial Design class of the Università degli studi di San Marino, with Professor Riccardo Blumer. Following the philosophy of Yona Friedman's work, the structure was transformed by the intervention of the students, that had already deepened into the study of the thematic related to the thought of the architect in class.

The intervention revealed the Yona Friedman Museum in its own structure, entering its laws of composition, investigating its origin. The occasion to make an intervention directly on the work of Yona Friedman led to the necessity to give ”a designer ” perspective to the work, being confronted with the structure in itself and with its intrinsic physical form. Wanting to divulge the origin and the growth in a biological and organic sense, students examined the constitutive modules of the work, approaching it with an observation of the nature that studying geometry. The same approach was being studied at the time when Yona Friedman was developing his research.

Tetrahedra, hexahedra, and dodecahedra are as molecules observed by the microscope, revealed in their geometric matrix, reduced to the essence showing, respectively, the skeleton, the skin, the joints, in a game of moving fires, reflections, multiplications, fractal growth, and vortexes, aimed at disclosing the object in its essence and also at moving the eye of the spectator from the original module to the whole, in continuous evolution.

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