Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Collective Environment

25 July–31 August 1997
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

"The concluding activity of our course this summer was a collective environmental work made by students in the church of San Francesco in Como. This environment substituted for the more familiar exhibition of art objects and was guided by two simple criteria: that the individual parts of this collective Environment were personal and, at the same time, comprised a larger unity of all works together. So each artist was asked to find a place in the church, and then to make in that place a room or enclosure, or a special site, which be unique, possibly intimate, large or small. In any case, each artist was urged to pay attention to the ensemble of all constructions in the context of the physical architecture of the church of San Francesco."
(Allan Kaprow)

The participant artists were: Elaine Boily (Canada), Stefano Bonacci (Italy), Marianne Bowdler (Australia), Marco Bragaglia (Italy), Rossana Buremi (Italy), Sonia Campagnola (Italy), Valerio Carrubba (Italy), Jorn Ebner (Germany), Flavio Favelli (Italy), Tine Fehr (Germany), Nicholas Floch (France), Nicole Kaestli (Switzerland), Clara Luiselli (Italy), Katarzyna Matoga (Poland), Pedro Moitinho (Portugal), Rotua Magdalena Pardede (Indonesia), Awan Parulian (Indonesia), Keith Perelli (USA), Stefano Peressini (Italy), Gabriele Picco (Italy), Mariuccia Pisani (Italy), Irene Prinzivalli (Italy), Farid Rahim (Italy), Edwin Riley (USA), Romero Agustin Sanchez (Mexico), Ilka Schulz (Germany), Carolina Silva (Spain), Stefan Simov (Bulgaria), Rachel Stevens (USA), Carmelo Tedeschi (Italy), Salla Tykka (Finland), Bruno Van Belleghen (France).

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