Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Allan Kaprow

solo exhibition

25 July–31 August 1997
Biblioteca Comunale

Allan Kaprow's exhibition consisted of a series of Photo-Text. Some were taken from the Francesco Conz Archive in Verona and others were specially created for the exhibition in Como. The first works were photographs documenting Kaprow's most famous Happenings, such as Yard, Eat, Warm Ups, Push and Pull; others documented actions that took place during the workshop with students. They focused on everyday life and the social rules that influenced them (Kaprow's definition of them is Daily Life Performance). The texts next to the photos offered the artist's then-recent view on events that were ephemeral by nature. The information panels formed a sort of labyrinth and it was possible to sit down to read them. In the Central Library, Kaprow chose a space where consulting and reading were possible in order to not interfere with the public's usual activities, using the entrance to the consultary room as if it was ready-made.

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