Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Tracce di un seminario 1997

18 November–11 December 1997

The exhibition Tracce di un seminario, curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio and Angela Vettese, documented the various phases of the workshop held in Como by Allan Kaprow, a central figure of post-war American art and experimenter since the fifties of the most revolutionary art forms such as Environment and Happening. The thirty-two young artists selected to take part in the workshop - coming from about fifteen different countries, from Canada to Bulgaria, from Indonesia to Finland - were involved in a series of theoretical, practical, and even playfully physical activities, which intended to create awareness about common gestures that are normally performed automatically.

Tracce di un seminario was a survey of the work of the thirty-two participating artists through the materials they chose to present: projects of works, photos, drawings, videos, and models. It returned the richness and multiplicity of the different personalities, researches, and experiences that crossed each other for a short time under the leadership of Allan Kaprow.

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