Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Renée Green

Endless Dreams and Water Between

7 July 2016
Villa del Grumello

Endless Dreams and Water Between is a film produced by Renée Green in 2009. It narrates the correspondence among four fictitious characters, represented by four women, who live on different islands: Manhattan Island, Majorca Island and other islands and peninsula in San Francisco Bay. The four characters enact the creation of an allegoric archipelago, composed by words, times and spaces: in spite of the distance, through their letters, they are able to convey the tie, each of them has with her owns belonging island, which emerges from the exchange of thoughts, dreams and thinking. The issues of migration and cultural exchange are pivotal in Renée Green's work. The artist explores the desires and the dreams linked to the homeland, by mixing real and imaginary narrative and footage documentary.

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