Fondazione Antonio Ratti

LIVABILITY. Art and Environmental Practices for a Present Resurgence

22–23 October 2022
FAR -Villa Sucota



Two days symposium: lectures, screenings and video installation
curated by Martina Angelotti and Annie Ratti

“If we have any dreams of handing a livable world to our descendants, we will need to fight for the possibility of resurgence” Anna Tsing.

The current ecological crises and the necessary vital change that follows, constitute the urgency behind LIVABILITY, a two-day symposium that explores the relationship between art and ecology from artistic, philosophical and socio-environmental perspectives.

Based on these assumptions, LIVABILITY combines artistic practice and theory, critical insight and action to create new shared narratives. The local scenario is thus connected to major transnational changes in a multidisciplinary perspective, with the aim of nurturing critical reflection and a process of conscious awareness of the climate and environmental crisis.

The need for a global transformation of the relationship with nature, sociality and creative processes leads us to consider the multiple ecologies as an integral part of our life system and therefore necessary to produce the imagination of a possible future. In the creation of this imaginary, art and artists play an important role.

What kind of values and sensibilities should we cultivate to articulate the social and ontological responsibility at the core of the planet's ecosystem? How might we engage with the many non-human societies at risk of extinction? How can we begin to become human differently in a world that opposes otherness?

Starting with these questions, LIVABILITY brings together artists, researchers, philosophers, activists and anthropologists in a common program, drawing from the vast global landscape to create new alliances through reflections and practices developed in recent years. On 22 and 23 October, the temporary community of LIVABILITY will dedicate care, commitment, reflection, creativity and debate to fight for the possibility of a resurgence.

with Dipesh Chakrabarty (Professor, University of Chicago) | Amanda Boetzkes (Professor, University of Guelph) | Isabelle Carbonell (artist and researcher) | Federica Giardini (Professor, Università di Roma Tre) | Lucie Greyl (anthropologist and president of CDCA – Centro di Documentazione sui Conflitti Ambientali) | Barbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca (artists) | Jonas Staal & Radha D’Souza (artists and researchers) | Oliver Ressler (artist) | Lucia Pietroiusti (curator).

The Italian-English simultaneous translation service will be provided for the whole duration of the symposium.

With the contribution of:
DGERIC - Direzione Generale Educazione, Ricerca e Istituti Culturali
Comune di Como

With the support of:
Kingdom of Netherlands

With the patronage if:
Fondazione Cariplo

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