Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Cesare Pietroiusti

L'opera buona e giusta. I meccanismi di scissione e i paradossi dell'arte relazionale

10 July 2004
Spazio Ex-Ticosa

In this conference, Cesare Pietroiusti presented his point of view on the role of the artist in contemporary society. As Pietroiusti said, "the fundamentalist is the one who believes he knows where the frontier between good and evil is and thinks it corresponds to the limits of his self, that is, of the community of which he emotionally feels a part of. The mechanism by which he is prey is the splitting: each of his actions is indisputably good, whereas every negative value is projected onto the other, to the point of making him a persecutor. The artist, regardless of his methodology and perhaps also of his poetics, is - or at least can become - the anti-fundamentalist par excellence, because he is the one who reflects on and doubts internal borders (subjective and group). Without the needs (the client, the voter, the academy ...) that bind the politician or the scientist, the artist could be the only one who takes the side of criticism in any case, not only with respect to ideology, but also with respect to the idea of ​​efficacy or just cause."

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