Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Kyong Park

Lost Highway Expedition

13 July 2006
FAR – Lungo Lario Trento

The lecture had as a principal issue the Western Balkans region and the contemporary prerogatives that make it a zone of big cultural and economic interest, that preluded what was seen as the Europe of tomorrow.

Kyong Park (1955) is a korean-born architect, artist, urban theorist and activist that lives in the United States. His interests range from public spaces to urban landscape as socio-political index, from borders as cultural markers to social geography. He is a lecturer in Harvard University and in the UC of San Diego, and founded in 1999 the International Center for Urban Ecology in Detroit. He curated the Kwanju Biennale in 1997, co-curated Europe Lost and Found, a project on Europe’s future geographies, and directed Lost Highway, a project of mass expedition to nine Western Balkans cities.

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