Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Hugo Esquinca

Study on Asymmetrical Zonality

15 July–1 November 2018
FAR – Villa Sucota

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During the months of August, September and October 2018, it was possible to experience a sound installation at Villa Sucota's chapel by the artist Hugo Esquinca, participant in the 2017 edition of the CSAV - Artists' Research Laboratory.

This site-specific work, Study on Asymmetrical Zonality, stems from an in-depth study of the architecture of the church and of way in which sound spreads within it. It plays with the perceptive sensibility of the viewer who becomes an active element of the work.

"Once amplification of standing waves and room modes occur, the sonorous capacity of a resonant body whose physical characteristics constitute the actual audible which had remained uniquely potential, unearth a manifold of hearable intersections among and in between internal and external acoustics of the edifice. Such interdependent audible relations in which a defined space, its shape, the objects populating it and its surroundings become sonically expressive, compose an asymmetric manifestation which projects an audible trajectory with no particular origin and that does not end up at a particular place, but rather, fragment listening by dissolving inside, outside, around, above and close, into a listening which is co-constituted by differences of degree and not of quality. In this sense, sound opens space to a vibrational process of overlapping thresholds of aural perception which are gradually actualized through sonorous intervention. Such reciprocal exchange emerges from a connection where audible actualities and indeterminate sonorous process converge in the apparent opposition of inside and outside, proximity and distance. Generative Sound Intervention for Indeterminate Amplification of Standing Waves and Room Modes."
(Hugo Esquinca)

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