Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Alfredo Jaar

The Aesthetic of Resistance

22 July–4 September 2005
Spazio ex-Ticosa, Casa del Fascio

Jaar's work was inspired by one of the symbolic buildings of Como, the Casa del Fascio by Terragni, a great rationalist architect from Como, who gave an imprint to a large part of the architectural structure of the city. 10 photographs mounted on lightboxes (exhibited at the ex-Ticosa) constituted his personal reading of Terragni's masterpiece through an analysis of architectural details and the relationships that are established between the outside and the inside of the building itself.

On the day of the opening of the exhibition, Jaar created a video projection directly on the facade of the building that completed his project. While the images were ideally projected on the perfect architectural grid of the building in homage to its classic purity, they triggered the audience to reflect on how blinded faith in the perfect geometric structure could be a metaphor for the part of a culture that conceals the other half – dark harbinger of destruction and death.

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