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Haim Steinbach

Once again the world is flat

Artists' Research Laboratory (V CSAV)
1–22 July 1999

Once again the world is flat
original, multiple, ephemeral; home, country, place; objects, artifacts, things;
rituals, addictions, transience; stations, crossroads, transportation;

earth, air, helium; supermarket, cellular phone, internet;
appearance, non-place, theory; perception, relazation, trip;
plastic, clay, liquid;
collections, configurations, contingencies; arrangements, repetitions, typologies;
game, choice, metonymy; performance, gravity, nomadism;
attitudes, gestures, looks; two thousand stones.

The workshop, by Haim Stenbach, focused on the double theme of objects and their position in the space.
The work began with a collective excercize: Steinbach asked all twenty-seven students, coming from fifteen different countries, to bring any kind of object they preferred to the course. He got the students to dispose the objects on the long row of tables. The tables were sort of shelves around which each student started discussing about their choices. This allowed the students to get to know one another exchanging precious ideas.

Annie Ratti
Giacinto di Pietrantonio
Angela Vettese
Anna Daneri

Invited artist

Haim Steinbach (b. 1944, Rehovot, Israele) lives and works in New York. He became an American citizen in 1962, and completed his studies at Pratt Institute, New York, the University of Aix-Marseille and Aix en Provence, and Yale University in New Haven. His artistic activity began in the 1960s with a series of works which explore the aesthetic and social qualities of objects. He created structures, frames and his well-known shelves conceived to present natural and everyday objects. By exploring the psychological, cultural, and ritualistic context of the art work and its role in the production of meaning, Steinbach has radically redefined the status of the object in art. From the end of the 1980s his work has deeply influenced contemporary art practices around the world.

Steinbach's work has appeared in important group exhibitions such as El arte y su doble (Madrid, 1986), Metropolis (Berlino, 1992), Documenta 9 (Kassel, 1992) and the Venice Biennale (1993, 1997). His solo exhibitions of have been organized at Capc Musée d'art Contemporain, Bourdeaux (1988); the Guggenheim Museum, New York (in collaboration with Ettore Spalletti, 1993), the Castello di Rivoli (1995) and the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna (1997). He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Participant artists

Giasco Bertoli
Vesna Bolanca
Gianni Caravaggio
Elisabetta Di Maggio
Luca Francesconi
Anna Galtarossa
Paola Guadagnino
Maria Rosa Ionico
Laura Kingswood
Filippo La Vaccara
Lisa Lapinski
Filippo Leonardi
Thomas Libetti
Giada Massaro
Augusto Maurandi
David O'Brien
Massimo Palazzi
Fabio Palmieri
Vedran Perkov
Aurora Reinhard
Takaki Tano
Lina Tegman
Gian Franca Tornatore
Marcella Vanzo
Dubravka Vidović
Anke Westermann
Sara Zolla


Haim Steinbach

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Haim Steinbach

Once Again the World Is Flat

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Dimitri Kozaris

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Marco Senaldi

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Haim Steinbach


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