Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Mostra degli allievi

22 July 1999
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

After a group reading of a few extracts on the theme of non-spaces by the sociologist Marc Augè, each student started to work on their own piece of art to be exposed at the end of the course exhibition. Steinbach discussed the principles and methods of creation in their works with each one of them. So the exhibition was created step by step, alternating individual commitment with group confrontations. The final show resulted in videos, paintings, drawings, and re-elaborated objects that created a multiform exhibition; each student expressed their individual creative identity and also managed to absorb what they learned from the visiting professor and through their colleagues during the twentyone days of the Course.

The participant artists were: Giasco Bertoli (Switzerland), Vesna Bolanca (Croatia), Gianni Caravaggio (Italy), Elisabetta Di Maggio (Italy), Luca Francesconi (Italy), Anna Galtarossa (Italy), Paola Guadagnino (Italy), Maria Rosa Ionico (Italy), Laura Kingswood (UK), Filippo La Vaccara (Italy), Lisa Lapinski (USA), Filippo Leonardi (Italy), Thomas Libetti (USA), Giada Massaro (Italy), Augusto Maurandi (Argentina), David O'Brien (Ireland), Massimo Palazzi (Italy), Fabio Palmieri (Italy), Vedran Perkov (Croatia), Aurora Reinhard (Finland), Takaki Tano (Japan), Lina Tegman (Sweden), Gian Franca Tornatore (Australia), Marcella Vanzo (Italy), Dubravka Vidović (Croatia), Anke Westermann (Germany), Sara Zolla (Italy).

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