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Permaculture Design (How we can make our environments healthier and more efficient by imitating ecosystems)

9 November 2016
FAR – Villa Sucota

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While introducing their theoretical and practical course, Saviana Parodi and Luca Puri explain the central aspects of permaculture design. This empirical science is based on four fundamental actions: observing, thinking, designing and acting. First of all, permaculture practice should be addressed to ourselves and then to the external environment, creating a constant connection between mindscape and landscape. The search for a new balance, inspired by the natural models, becomes a way of conceiving the world and our life within world as a "permanent human culture" shaped on ethical principles such as care of others, self-care, care of the Earth as a living organism and sharing surplus. In this perspective, permacultural design can be applied to every aspect of everyday life and, as Annie Ratti states, it is present in the values of the Foundation, whose mission is ”to open up to the territory, to be sensitive to the contemporary and to contemporary practices".

Saviana Parodi (1963, Rome), biologist specialized in molecular genetics in the USA, studies, practices and teaches Permaculture in Italy and abroad (Australia, Europe, South America, Switzerland, Burkina Faso), working as a volunteer in self-building and natural agriculture since 1995. She lives between Italy and Argentina realizing ethically and energetically sustainable projects based on observation and knowledge of the territory and on use of natural models.

Luca Puri (1971, Viterbo) graduated in Architecture in Florence where he later specialized as Landscape Architect. In 2013 he was credited at the Italian Academy of Permaculture. In 2000 he opened his own studio in Bolsena and realized several private and public projects. In 2005 he moved to London, where he focused on gardens and landscapes, working in collaboration with Diarmuid Gavin, Luciano Giubbilei and Tom Stuart-Smith. He organizes events related to permacultural ethics, still studying landscape as an essential element for a correct approach to each project.

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