Fondazione Antonio Ratti

Liliana Moro


6 July–12 September 2012
Spazio Culturale Antonio Ratti

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Like any other word, Moi is first of all a sound. It can be a cry, an onomatopoeic expression, but it can also be the first singular person of the pronoun "I" in French.

Moi was the title of the work that Liliana Moro presented in the central alley of the ex-church of San Francesco. It was a site-specific sound piece, conceived for the occasion, in which the words of the artist evoked the presence of the movement of two bodies according to a rhythmic score of pauses and accelerations. What appeared to be the description of an action produced in its listeners an awkward sensation of dilation and contraction of perception, of the comprehension of the spoken words, and of time in general. In Moi, once the visitor entered the sound circle, he or she became the one that was observed from the one that observes. Liliana Moro's voice spoke about a performative action. But once outside the circle – where sound was no longer comprehensible – the spectator couldn't avoid questioning if the text was not actually talking about her or himself.

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