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Aurélie Samuel

The Collection of Krishna Riboud : the Scientific Endeavour of a Collector – Collecting Textiles

20 September 2012
FAR – Villa Sucota

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Aurélie Samuel is an art historian and a specialist in Indian arts. She works at the Musée Guimet since 2001 when, after an internship in the India section, she integrated the Japanese department. She specialized in decorative arts, notably textiles and lacquers, which lead her to study the collection of Georges Clemenceau. In 2007, she became responsible for the textile collection, largely composed of the collection of Mme Krishna Riboud, donated to the institution in 2003. From that moment onwards, she has valorised this priceless legacy, organizing thematic display in the permanent galleries of the museum, organizing temporary exhibitions that valorise the richness and wideness of the collection, alongside the publication of articles and scientific papers.
Aurélie Samuel curated the exhibitions: Au Fil du Dit du Genji - Hommage à Maître Yamaguchi; Costumes d'enfants, miroir des grands; Tsutsugaki, tissus japonais teints à l'indigo; Clemenceau et l'Asie at Musée Guimet. Enfants de Chine : Petits tigres et jeunes dragons at Musée des Arts Asiatiques di Nizza and Kabuki, Costumes du théâtre japonais at Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint-Laurent.

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